Aashram season 2 MX Player Web Series review ! Bobby Deol’s powerfull performance continuous

Aashram season 2 is now streaming on MX Player

Faith is also a wonderful word, and it is this that builds trust, which is most on God. With the help of this belief, some smart and smart people who are vicious in mind, wear colorful clothes and carry the cut of short cut devotion to human beings. This time too, Bobby Deol has brought something similar in the second season of the ashram. This time, he has brought with him the key to such a strange world. Whichever the path is, but its destination is the same ‘Sex’. Here is Aashram Season 2 review.

Series Plot

This time you will meet Baba in a new style. The rockstar who rules the hearts of young people, who are setting fire to the song on the stag in front of the audience. On the other hand, in the world of politics, Baba has put the face of the mastermind who placed the king on his throne. Whatever leader Baba laid his hands on, understand that the remote control of the government is in Baba’s fear for the next five years. This is a matter of mind, Baba’s heart is also naughty and fickle which is on one today and tomorrow somewhere else. Innocent girls who believe in Baba as their god by faith and devotion, fall prey to lust and poise in the game of deception.

Makers of ‘Mirzapur 2’ will remove controversial scenes from series after Realizing the mistake!

Baba is completely blind in sex buff, on the other hand the business of running drugs in secret. To lift the curtain from all this, some of Baba’s enemies behind Baba get an opportunity entry in the ashram. How do you think Baba Nirala, who took advantage of innocent people with the help of God, will be exposed to these black exploits. This heart-wrenching attitude of Baba and ruining crime by winning the trust of girls and taking them to bed. Now it will be justice or the magic of superstition will blind the whole world in devotion to Baba. You will find the answer on the MX Player.


This is different from the rest of the web series because nothing concocted has been shown in it. Its entire story was set by focusing on the horrific adventures of real life. We can relate the story of the ashram to ourselves. The biggest complaint in the first season was that Bobby Deol does not get a chance to see much. But Season 2 revolves around him completely. The dark side of Baba’s evil side, which we were guessing, is shown in a terrible way on the screen. There are also some crimes that test your tolerance, which your mind wants to enter the TV and kill Baba. Just think a little laddu can become a weapon to control thousands of people. A Hindi book that sells for 10 or 15 rupees on the road, how one becomes an enemy of one’s life.

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Bobby Deol has played his character perfectly, which you will not be able to ignore for a second.The devil hiding inside them is definitely wrong in the eyes of the world. His great look and powerful performance keeps you hooked. Hirdaya Chaudhary which proved to be the x factor in season 1. He has also felt glamor and warmth in the cold this time. Aditi Sudhir has made a big jump this time. Which this time with Baba, she has stood together with her.

Overall, season 2 is very powerful. The story of this season has ended so that its third season will also come.

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