Actress Victoria Pedretti All Set To Play Alice Sebold In ‘Lucky’, Based On Author’s Heart-Pounding Past

Victoria Pedretti is cast for the film Lucky. The film will be based on author Alice Sebold’s memoir Lucky, which was published in August 1999. Author Alice Sebold is best known for is novel ‘The Lovely Bones’. Victoria Pedretti best known for playing Love Quinn in the Netflix thriller series ‘You‘. She is also appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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However, the filming of Lucky memoir was announced in 2019. After all this time, work on the film has started at a fast pace. Production work for the film will start from June this year. Karen Moncreiff has been given the responsibility to direct the Lucky film, she will also write the screenplay of the film as well. James Brown ( Still Alice ) will produce the film. Timothy Mucciante and Victoria Romley are serving as executive producers with their Red Badge Films. Although Red Badge Films will finance the film, ‘Lucky’. Jonathan Bronfman is also serving as executive producer with his JoBro Production.

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Lucky Film’s Plot

Image Source- Netflix

Lucky film author will be based on the life of Alice Sebold. The film will shed light on the horrific aspects of Alice’s association with her when she was traumatized at the age of 18. While Alice was studying at Syracuse University in New York, one day when she was going home in the morning, she was brutally attacked by a stranger. He brutally beat and rapes Alice. Lucky film will also shed light on the aftermath of the cruelty with author Alice, how she came out of this traumatic shock. Film will also show the self-respect of the woman, who is capable of putting her rapist behind bars. Shee is ready to live a normal life again, refusing to give her rapist an education and a chance at his future, making her more empowered.

Apart from Lucky film, we will be seen again in the Love Quinn role of Victoria Pedretti in Netflix’s You‘ season 3.

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