Akshay Kumar’s ‘Laxmii’ review! watch it or skip it?

‘Laxmii’ a ordinary movie not great!

Akshay Kumar’s comedy, horror film ‘Laxmii’ is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

Movie Story

Laxmii is a ordinary movie not great. Lets talk about the movie.

Aasif’s (Akshay Kumar) belief in logic and science shatters when he gets possessed by a transgender’s ghost (Sharad Kelkar). What starts as a comical journey soon unearths a dark secret.

Akshay kumar and Kiara Adwani

Those who do not believe in ghosts get a taste of it. This is the same old formula that we have not forgotten yet. ‘Laxmi’ is the official Hindi remake of the horror-comedy flick Kanchana. Akshay Kumar took up the role of Raghav Lawrence. Who not only played the lead role but also influenced the original film. When the trailer was dropped we got to see everything. But who was not the real transgender, this role was originally in the Tamil film R. Was played by Sarathkumar.

Movie Plot

The plot begins with Akshay Kumar and his wife Kiara Advani. Those who run away from home and get married. Kiara would be a Hindu girl and Akshay a Muslim, whom Kiara’s father is not happy with this marriage. Then one day Kiara’s mother calls her and calls on her 25th wedding anniversary. But it was not an important element. He arrives, conquers his heart and in no time approaches a transgender soul.

It is a visual treat to watch Akshay turn into Laxmii as those were the most enjoyable moments of the film. His expressions, dialogue deliveries and the walk, show that he can go to any length to get into the skin of his.

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The initial build-up to showing finesse can be scary for those who don’t watch horror movies at all. The film tries to be a comedy flick with over-the-top acting by the cast and not the witty one-liners. Well, we have already seen all this in Kanchana!

Raghav Lawrence ventured into Bollywood with horror-comedy, but Kanchana is a decade-old formula. With the release of Stree in 2018, Bollywood redefined horror-comedy, which set a high benchmark for films of this type of genre. The film’s only X-factor is Akshay Kumar and is watching him at a different location. Kiara Advani did not have much to do in this film, but her compassionate look and subtle face brings soothing moments to the film.

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Sharad Kelkar is the greatest among Lakshmi, who has played the role of Lakshmi! He will leave you surprised and impressed with the word ‘Go’. The actor once again proved that he is an underrated gem. We wish there was some more screen space for her strong acting as Sharad and Lakshmi.

Watch or Skip it

Dialogues play an important role in the horror-comedy flick with Punchline and One-Liners and Farhad Samji is behind Lakshmi Sakshi. But we have seen them better in many blockbusters. This kind ordinary movie, we have seen before. There is nothing new in this movie.

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Talking of songs, ‘Bham Bhole’ is very energetic and there are cherries on the top. The five-minute-long sequence is well shot and deserves a theater clock. Overall, you can definitely enjoy it once. If you are a Akshay Kumar’s fan you don’t miss this. Otherwise its a ordinary movie not great.

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