‘Black Adam’: Warner Bros. And Dwayne Johnson’s Upcoming Superhero Film Gets Release Date

Dc’s ‘Black Adam’, Dwayne Johnson’s film gets release date. Black Adam film release date has been set for summer in 2022 next year. The film’s production started in October last year. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as the titular character, the other cast being Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell’ etc.

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However, the release date of the Black Adam film was set for December 22, 2021 before the Covid-19 pandemic. Projection of the film was pushed forward due to Covid-19.

Image- DC Comics

In the film Black Adam, we will see the origin of Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam follows eponymous villain/ anti-hero, Whom the Wizard had chosen as his champion before Billy Baston. In the film, Dwayne Johnson will be seen playing the role of Black Adam against the members of the Justice Society of America. These members of Justice Society are Atom Smasher ( Noah Centineo ), Hawkman ( Aldis Hodge ), Cyclone ( Quintessa Swindell ) and Dr. Fate ( Pierce Brosnan ).

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Black Adam is one such superhero in the DCEU Universe, known for his justice. There is no room for mercy in him. His way of justice making him very ruthless, which sets her apart from the rest of DCEU’s superheroes. His power is similar to that of Superman. It is very difficult for anyone to defeat Black Adam. His biggest is Shazam in DC comic books. The story of the film will shed light on the imprisonment of Black Adam 5000 years ago and how he was finally liberated.

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Black Adam Film’s Release Date

Dwayne Johnson released the film’s release date via a video on New York’s Times Square screen. The release date of the film Black Adam has been set for July 29, 2022. Dwayne Johnson wrote, The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change on 29 July 2022.

Next year, in addition to Black Adam, 3 more films will be released in 2022. Their release date is as follows:-

The Batman – March 4, 2022

The Flash – November 4, 2022

Aquaman 2 – December, 2022

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