‘Chaos Walking’ Review: Tom Holland and Dasiy Ridley Starrer Film Got Mixed Reaction

‘Chaos Walking’, A Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley starrer film has been released worldwide on March 5, 2021. Chaos Walking is a sci-fi drama film based on Patrick Ness’s book series, The Knife of Never Letting Go. This book was published in 2008. This sci-fi drama film has been directed by Doug Liman. Let’s talk about the movie Chaos Walking.

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Chaos Walking Film’s Plot

The story of the Chaos Walking film revolves around two characters, Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade ( played by Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley ). Viola’s spaceship lands on an New World planet. Only men live on New World planet, because many years ago all the women died due to the spread of a dangerous virus on this planet. Where the remaining men gain a power, “Noise”. In a way, you can call ‘Noise’ as the main character, who lives like a shadow with every human in the New World planet.

Image Source- Lionsgate

Here Daisy meets Todd, who is from this planet. But, Viola is the key to unlocking secrets for the New World Planet. As Viola is the only woman on the planet, Todd takes responsibility for her safety. After all, what does Viola, do she have, which causes her life to be in danger? To find the answer to these questions, you have to watch the film ‘Chaos Walking’.

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If you talk about the story of ‘Chaos Walking’, then it is completely new. The story leaves no stone unturned to thrill you. All actors portrayed their roles from book adaptation really tremendous, specially Daisy Ridley. She looks amazing throughout the whole film. The vfx of Chaos Walking is also tremendous. The Chaos Walking film is packed with action and adventure. The film is not going to disappoint you anywhere.

Doug Liman has previously made films like The Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Age of Tomorrow, his direction is definitely amazing for Chaos Walking. Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, Jamie Linden, John Lee Hancock, Gary Spinelli and Lindsay Beer is good as well. Chaos Walking film is produced by 3 Arts Entertainment, Allison Shearmur Productions and Bron Creative. Film is made under Lionsgate Studio.

Despite the film being such a good story, some people are calling Chaos Walking as an average film. That’s hard to believe. Some viewers do not understand the story of this film. But the number of people who like to hate is very less as compared to those who like. Follow my advice, check out Chaos Walking in your nearest theaters today.

However, in 2011 Chaos Walking film was announced. Finally, Doug Liman was called as a director in 2016 and shooting started in 2017. Then the release of Chaos Walking folded for March 2019. Lionsgate studio was later removed from its release schedule due to poor test screening of the film. Now we have got to see this film in 2021.

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Daisy Ridley as Viola Eade

Tom Holland as Todd Hewitt

Mads Mikkelsen as David Prentiss

Demián Bichir as Ben Moore

Nick Jonas as David ‘Davy’ Prentiss Jr.

David Oyelowo as Aaron

Kurt Sutter as Cillian Boyd

Ray McKinnon as Jim Johnson

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