Evan Rachel Wood accused Marilyn Manson for ‘Essentially Rape’ In ‘Phoenix Rising’.

Evan Rachel Wood accused Marilyn Manson for ‘Essentially Rape’. Actress has claimed that, “All this happened without her consent.”

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A new documentary based on the life and career of Evan Rachel Wood has sparked controversy as soon as ‘Phoenix Rising ‘premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. ‘Phoenix Rising’ is directed by Amy J. Berg, who was nominated for an Academy Award for the 2006 documentary Deliver Us From Hell. The new documentary follows Evan Rachel Wood’s allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson last year along with new allegations.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter in the film, Wood discussed what happened during the shooting of the music video for the song ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses’ with Marilyn Manson. Marilyn abused Wood without her consent while shooting the music video.

The first part of the Phoenix Rising documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Director Amy J. Berg has said that work on its second part is still going on. However, Amy J. Berg is known for her documentaries. She exposes the truth in front of the society through her documentary.

In this context, you can also read the Instagram post of the actress.

Phoenix Rising documentary will be officially released on HBO in the month of March. According to Variety, the director and Evan Rachel Wood worked on the documentary in secret.

Evan Rachel Wood has worked in more than 30 films during her career. She has also worked in more than two dozen TV series. She won the Critics’ Choice Television Awards during his career and as also earned 3 nominees for Primetime Emmy Awards. Along with this, the actress has also earned 3 nominations in Golden Globe Awards for her performances in films and on TV.

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