Everything You Should Know About Marvel’s Upcoming TV Series ‘Loki’ Origin & His 8 Alternate Versions.

Marvel and Disney+ upcoming TV series Tom Hiddleston starrer ‘Loki‘ has about 2 weeks left to release. Loki is a very popular character in Marvel Comics, whose world is crazy. Although he is known to be clever and to break trust. But a different aspect of Loki was also seen in the Avenger: Infinity War. Let’s talk about Loki’s origins, which you should know before watching the show.

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Loki Origin

Image- Marvel

Basically Loki is a God of Norse Mythology, what we’ll talk about next later and his character was first introduced in the Venus comics book, by Stan Lee in August 1949. It was a romantic comics. But after Loki’s entry in the comics book, it turned into horror science fiction. Later, Writer changed the character of this character after a few years, who later emerged as an anti-superhero or a villain. Finally, Loki’s modern avatar was introduced to us through Journey in Mystery#85 comics in October 1962. The story of Thor and Loki started from the Journey in Mystery comic book. According to Norse Mythology, Loki has a lot of origin story, which is very confusing. But Loki’s origins in comic books are exactly what we saw in the 2011 movie Thor. Both of them are not son of Odin.

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About a thousand years ago there was a fight between the Frost Giants and Asgard at Jotunheim Plant. The battle was led by King Odin on behalf of Asgard. Laufey was leading the Frost Giants in this battle. After winning the battle, King Odin took the Casket from Frost Giants as their source of power. Though, Odin has lost his one eye during the battle. After this, Odin went to the temple of Jotunheim and found a child there. This child was the son of King Laufey. Despite being a Frost Giants kid, it was very small and weak, due to which Laufey left her child alone to die. Odin took pity on the child and took him in Asgard. This child was none other than Loki, whom Odin changed the color of his skin using his magic power. We have seen the story of Loki ahead of Marvel’s film.

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Loki Alternate Version in Marvel Comics

Now since Loki’s trailer has been released, a lot of fan theory has been seen since. According to the theory, there are many versions of Loki, which is wonderful. In Loki TV series, we can see many versions of Loki.

Gunnar Golmen

Image- Marvel

Loki’s Gunnar Golmen version has a very crazy story in Marvel’s Comics Book. Gunnar Golmen version of Loki was introduced in the Earth-1610 comic. According to the comic book, Loki tried to steal Odin’s Norn Stones, causing Loki to be banished by Odin from Asgard. Because Norn Stones are relic extensions of Odin’s power. After this, when Loki reached the earth, he tried to created Chitauri Invasion, he failed. Chitauri Invasion was one of the first wars between humanity and other world creatures, We have seen this in Marvel’s The Avengers film in 2012. Loki then created a new identity of his own Gunnar Golmen, which later became a member of a Super Soldier program.

Gunnar’s version of Loki shows Thor like a villain and blames Captain America for the murder of Hawkeye‘s family. Loki did all this through the power of his reality changes and illusions. Loki’s story of Gunnar Golmen seems simple to know, it is more complicated than that.

Disguised Loki

Everyone knows that Loki Disguised anyone. We saw this earlier in Marvel’s film like in Thor: The Dark World, where he disguised Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Odin too in Thor: Ragnarok. Disguised version of Loki has a lot of amazing storylines in Marvel’s films and Comics Books. Loki has done this not only in the film but also in the comic book, where he once disguised the Scarlet Witch. He was recognized there by Django Maximoff, the son of Scarlet Witch. We can also see the same in Marvel’s TV series Loki.

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Kid Loki

Loki’s comic book and film’s story are almost identical. Asgard destroys due to Loki in the comic book, and Loki later dies while supporting the Avengers. Loki also says sorry to his brother Thor before he dies, the same thing happened in Marvel’s film Avengers : Infinity War. Now that Loki has done so many bad things, he will go after death, then only Hell.But here’s a twist, according to the comics books, Hella erased Loki’s name from the Book of Hell. Now when Loki cannot go to Hell, Loki is born again. However, after Loki is born again, he does not remember anything of his previous life.

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President Loki

Image- Disney+

In the recently released trailer of Loki TV series, Loki is shown as the president of United States of America. But so far, it is not sure whether it is the original Loki or whether there is an alternate version of it. He has also become a resident of Marvel comic book mini-series Vote Loki. Vote Loki mini comic book series was published in 2016.

King Loki

According to the comic book Loki: Agent of Asgard, Loki had destroyed the whole earth. Loki: Agent of Asgard comic was published in 2014. After destroying the earth, Loki was worried about one thing that he never defeated Thor in his life. Loki then traveled back in time as he could kill Thor and Odin at the right time. Guess what! he encountered himself in the past. Loki of Past timeline defeated King Loki himself. But both of them did not kill each other, because the death of one will not exist for the other.

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Lady Loki

Loki Lady has taken the form in MCU many times. Sometimes he gets transformed himself, sometimes Scarlett Witch and sometimes lady Sif. Loki has traveled in the past in Avengers Disassembled comic book, taking the avatar of Lady Sif. When the set photos of Loki series have been leaked, we can say that in Loki TV series we will see Lady Loki. It is not officially confirmed yet, but there is a lot of possibility of Lady Loki appearing in the TV series.

Loki- God of Heroism and Truth

In the Marvel Comics book, Loki is the only character who cannot be sure that he is good or bad. While we saw Loki’s evil side in Marvel’s early films, he also saw a good side in Thor: Ragnarock and Avengers: Infinity War. This can be a good topic for a debate. Scarlet Witch is known for her reality warping powers, she did the same in the comic book, as a result, all the Avengers became villains and villains became heroes. Because of this, Loki became the God of Heroism and Truth from God of Mischief. Not only this, he also picked up Thor’s Mjolnir. This makes it clear that neither good nor bad.

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DC’s Loki

Now some fans will ask that if the character of Loki comes under Marvel, then where did this DC’s Loki come from? According to Norse Mythology, all Asgard characters are Gods, be it Odin or Thor. All these characters are covered in Norse Mythology, which no one can claim copyrights. Because Gods have no copyrights. According to this mythology, Loki’s character exists in DC’s comic book, but he is not so popular. Loki was captured by Odin in a game as per the timeline of DC’s comic books. But when he managed to escape from there, he reached the earth. On Earth, Loki was confronted by the Justice League, where DC’s Thor again captured Loki and took him to Asgard and imprisoned him.

These were the 8 alternate versions of Loki, maybe some of them were seen in Loki’s upcoming Marvel TV series Loki.

Loki TV Series Release Date

Marvel’s Loki TV series will be released on Disney+from next month June 9, 2021. Loki series will be released like WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. But Loki’s episodes will be released every Wednesday and not on Friday.

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