Fantastic Four Movie Is Officially Confirmed With Director Jon Watts.

Marvel Studio confirmed Fantastic Four with director Jon Watts.

The long wait for the fans is over, finally Kevin Feige has officially announced Fantastic Four movie. It is the first superhero family in the Marvel’s Universe Comic Book. It was Marvel’s first superhero family of the Sixties decade. This family never kept its identity hidden. They used to present themselves in front of people as they were. This is why people also liked him. Later in 1990, a movie was made for its TV show, which was an ordinary film. Later two films of this Universe were made in 2005 and 2007 by Fox Studios. Marvel Studios then rebooted the film in 2015, but it was a disaster. Now Fantastic Four movie is officially happening with a fresh start.

fantastic four movie released in 2005 ( Image Source- Fox)

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But now with the arrival of things under MCU, the hopes of fans have increased even more. Because every character in the MCU is given attention, especially to superheroes. However, DCEU’s focus has also become much more good about his films.

fantastic four 2015 trailer

Jon Watts Is Calls To Direct Fantastic Four

Jon Watts is going to direct Fantastic Four. John Watts is currently directing Tom Holland’s Spiderman 3 for Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Spiderman 3’s hype at the moment is pretty high among the decades. Because the fans are going to see a lot on the Marvel’s Multiverse concept from Spiderman 3. Jon Watts will direct Fantastic Four after complete Spiderman 3.

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Fantastic Four Timeline

Marvel Studios has not revealed anything about Fantastic Four’s timeline. We will know this after the arrival of the film. Now the biggest thing is that where was the team of Fantastic Four when Thanos came to earth and caused such a big disaster. Payton Reed, the director of Ant-man And The Wasp, shared the idea among people that Fantastic Four can be better introduce with the help of Quantum Ring.

Fantastic Four Cast

Marvel Studios has not yet confirmed the cast of this film. As per some rumors, we can see John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in the role of Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic in this movie.

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