Gemma Arterton and Jason Tobin joins Martial Arts Comedy Film “Enter The Dragons”

Gemma Arterton and Jason Tobin are going to join the Martial Arts comedy film ‘Enter The Dragons’. Deadline has confirmed this cast of film. Oscar nominated director Marjane Satrapi will direct this film. ‘Enter The Dragons’ will go on floor this summer in United Kingdom. Marjane Satrapi has previously directed films like Radioactive (2019) and Persepolis (2007).

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Enter The Dragons Film’s Plot

The story of the film ‘Enter The Dragons’ is set in a small town Coalshaw in England in 1979. ‘Enter The Dragons’ film follows a character Gloria Grimshaw ( Gemma Arterton ), the most she can hope for from life is selling beauty products and having a baby. But when a close community of women comes under threat, Gloria is forced defend herself by learning martial arts from Hao ( Jason Tobin ) at the Chinese takeaway.

Gemma Arterton ( Image Source- Fox/ YouTube )

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When Gloria skilled in martial arts and she begins to take control of her life, Gloria’s friends notice her transformation and want to join to learn martial arts. ‘Enter The Dragons’ film’s screenplay will be written by Joy Wilkinson and produced by Cassandra Sigsgaard with her Jeva Films. This project also produced by Jessica Malik, Jessica Parker and Gemma Arterton’s production company Rebel Park Productions. ‘Enter The Dragons’ film will be distributed by WestEnd to sell in European Market.

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Gemma Arterton’s Kingsman film is also coming out this year, releasing on August 20, 2021. This film is directed by Matthew Vaughn. This will be the third installment of the Kingsman series. There is another film of Gemma Arterton is also coming, The Amazing Maurice. In this film, she will also be seen alongside Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. The Amazing Maurice is based on The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents book by Terry Pratchett, which was published in 2001. This will be a animated fantasy film.

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