‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ may release on Netflix or HBO MAX

Another news has come out due to Covid-19, that Legendary Pictures’ upcoming film Godzilla vs Kong may be released on the streaming platform on Netfix or HBO MAX.

‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ may release on Netflix or HBO MAX. According to sources, Netflix has offered producers $ 200 million for the film .But some speculations are being made that Godzilla vs Kong may also be released on HBO MAX, as HBO MAX is Warner Bros.’s own streaming platform.

However, Warner Bros. had also said in an interview that we will do Godzilla vs Kong in theaters on its folded release date next year. Now that the situation is going so bad about Kovid-19, especially in America, the studio does not want to take any risk. At this time, the producer of the film will be in loss by releasing this film in the theater. Now studios cannot postpone the release date of the film because doing so will also reduce the craze of the film, which the studio would never want.

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What Box-Office Figure Say

Now the studio is in a dilemma whether to release the film on Netflix or HBO MAX. If the studio releases the film on Netflix, then there is no service available in China. China always contributes greatly to the box office collections of Hollywood films.

Netflix’s offer to Legendary Studio will not be denied. Netflix funded 75 percent of the film’s budget. As Netflix does not have a presence in China, the film could have run in theatres there.

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The monsterverse movies, which are the cornerstone of the Legendary Slate and China is certainly the largest international market for films. Only the $ 386 million global box office of Kings of the Monsters came from the film’s China release. Skull Island also grossed $ 168 million in China, nearly 30 percent of the film’s $ 567 million gross.

As for HBO MAX, it is still not available in many countries. The studio will also keep an eye on the box office performance of the Wonder Woman 1984 film. If Wonder Woman1984 does a good collection on the HBO MAX, the studios will have to think about it too, otherwise Godzilla vs Kong’s doors are open for Netflix.

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