‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 3 Review: Show comes With First ‘Fire and Blood’ Battle

HBO’s House of the Dragon latest episode showcases something as powerful as the author George R. R. Martin’s novel, ‘Fire and Blood‘.

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New queen Alicent Hightower ( Emily Carey ) has blessed Viserys Targaryen ( Paddy Considine ) with a son, king had always longed for. Also, the latest episode is sure to be disappointed with the death of an unexpected fan favorite character.

The new episode opens with the violent Crab Feeder in Stepstones, where he hunts down living men with crabs until Prince Daemon, the brother of the King Viserys aboard the dragon, arrives. Then, the story jumps straight forward 3 years, on the 2nd anniversary of Aegon, the heir to the Iron Throne. The latest episode depicts the differences that have started between King and Rhaenyra ( Milly Alcock ), behind which the daughter has her own valid reason. One, in the times to come, Aegon will question the status of Rhaenyra’s successor to the Iron Throne, which is often the case for who doesn’t love power. Secondly, In the form of Alicent, who is now a stepmother, Rhaenyra has lost a friend.

‘House Of The Dragon’ episode 3 also shows Lannister’s feet on King’s Landing when Princess Rhaenyra is offered marriage by Jason Lannister. But, the princess is not interested in him, she also confronts her father in this context Casterly Rock’s Lord Jason’s role is undoubtedly going to be crucial in the upcoming episodes as Lannisters will be the one to take over King’s Landing after the fall of House Targaryen, though there will be Mad King before that.

On the other hand, Otto Hightower, whom we thought to be King’s well-wisher from the beginning, turns out to be cunning in the latest episode. He tells the drunken king to declare his grandson the heir to the Iron Throne. In this context, he also asks daughter Alicent to believe Viserys. However, Viserys smells dirty politics and rejects Otto’s idea. In true sense Otto Hightower is the Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger in House of the Dragon, he doesn’t open his cards easily.

Later, everything seems to be back to normal between Rhaenyra and Viserys, when he explains that he cares about the princess, wanting to get married for her betterment.

Matt Smith was rarely seen on screen in the third episode of Daemon, but he looked astonishing as he was. We get to see Daemon’s amazing skill when he kills the violent crab feeder against our expectation.

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Review

It would not be wrong to say that House of the Dragon is going to be the biggest show of the year 2022. The show keeps getting better episode by episode. The writer has blended the new characters in a wonderful way in the growing story. House of the Dragon not only entertains us but also completes Game of Thrones. The way the references are being linked together is commendable.

When, Viserys of Paddy Considine admitted that he was obsessed with having a son for heir to throne, he did not even care about the life of his Maroon wife, indicating his atonement. He has come out of his selfish decisions taken in the past.

On the other hand, the arrival of Lord Jason and Ser Tyland Lannister in House of the Dragon fuels the excitement for the upcoming episodes. Both characters are played by English actor Jefferson Hall.

Rhys Ifans’ Ser Otto Hightower, known as the Hand of the King, is becoming more and more interesting. Surely, he is going to prove to be a big deal in the upcoming episodes.

This tome, Matt Smithas Daemon managed to impress even after getting very little time on the screen. Daemon is firm in his intentions, whether it’s enmity or friendship. He appears to have played down the pact with Lord Corlys Velaryon when he hit the dreaded Crab Feeder with his hands.

Also, in the first two episodes, the silent dragon has rained a lot of fire this time. Of course, the fans will expect it in the story.

The unexpected death of Crab Feeder in the third episode is very stinging to the viewers. Obviously the way the character was set up in the first two episodes, it seemed like it would go a long way in the show. Obviously, the way Crab Feeder was set up, it was judged as the real villain of the show. Do you know, in the upcoming episode, even if he is brought alive with the help of mantras, then there will be no surprise, just saying.

In the end all I would like to say is that House of the Dragon episode 3 was full of fire and blood with politics, bloodshed and adventure.

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