Is Warner Bros making a mistake by making Joker 2?

Production for Joker 2, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will begin in early 2023.

Image Source – Warner Bros.

According to some reports, Warner Bros may start production work for its Joker 2 in early 2023. Todd Phillips, best known for The Hangover trilogy, will return for the sequel. In the sequel, Joaquin Phoenix will once again be seen as the Clown Prince of Crime. The original film was released in 2019, setting new dimensions at the box office. Joker has overtaken Deadpool to become the highest-grossing film in the R-rated category. The film crossed the $1.074 billion mark at the box office with a budget of $55 million. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker rocked all the awards ceremony. The film won more than 20 awards at various award ceremonies, including two Academy Awards. So should Joker 2 be made?

Warner Bros making a mistake with Joker 2

Now that the original film has done so well, why are questions being raised about its sequel? Is Warner Bros making a mistake by making Joker 2? Yes it’s true, Warner Bros is going to make a mistake by making Joker 2. There are many reasons for this.

Warner Bros.’s original Joker was a complete film, the story ended exactly as it should have ended. Looking at the original feature, it did not seem from anywhere that Joker could bump into a superhero, like Batman . Now that Joker 2 is coming, the challenges are also big with it. For one, the studio and director have already confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is not a part of Dc. In such a situation, what new can the studio and director do about the character of Joker? This will be the biggest challenge. Obviously the original feature when it starts with its intense dark tone that stays with it till the end. Because a single mistake can ruin the whole film. In such a situation, Warner Bros’ decision to make Joker 2 is no less than a gamble.

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