James Wan Produce ‘Van Helsing Reboot With ‘Overlord’s’ Director Julius Avery

Universal Studio is developing Van Helsing Reboot with ‘Overlord’ film’s director Julius Avery and producer James Wan.

The ‘Dark Universe’ of Universal Studios, which was almost over, was made by the film The Invisible Man with Blumhouse. This film worked as a lifeline for Universal Studios. Yes, The Invisible Man has saved Universal’s sinking Dark Universe. That’s why the studio is going to reboot Van Helsing with producer James Wan and Overlord director of the film Julius Avery. Now Universal Studio is ready to make Van Helsing Reboot version. Studio confirmed this film along with producer and director.

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The Invisible Man went on to earn record-breaking at the box office. The film had a budget of only $ 7 million, and the film did a business of $ 130 million. After the success of this film, the studio has started making the Dark Universe anew.

Universal Studios also announced a Reboot of Wolfman alongside Ryan Gosling following the success of The Invisible Man. The film will be directed by The Invisible Man film’s director Leigh Whannell.

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Now Universal Studios is going to reboot van Helsing. In 2018, ‘Overlord’ director Julius Avery will direct this film. Michael Clear will produce the film with James Wan.

Launched in 2008 by Universal Studios, Hagh Jackman’s Van Helsing was a superhit film. How its reboot version van Helsing will be used is not yet known. The film is written by Eric Pearson, who co-writer of MCU’s Black Widow film.

Who will play the lead role in the reboot version of van Helsing is also not known

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