Zack Snyder’s Justice League trailer was removed from YouTube. This happened with the film due to music rights issue.

The trailer of Jack Snyder’s Justice League has been removed from YouTube. This has happened to the copyright issue of his music with the film. This was done because Sony Music has the rights to the song ‘Hale Luya’ used in the Justice League teaser. For this reason, its trailer has been removed from social media.

Justice League

This is not the first time that a movie has not been copyright issue. Earlier this has happened with the Suicide Squad film. The teaser of that film used a lot of small pop culture songs. For this, the music company was paid up to $ 1 million by Warner Bros. Studios. As per now speaking of Justice League, the entire teaser has been made on the beat of Halle Luya. For this, studios have to buy the entire rights, no matter how much this song is used. The trailer has been the most viewed on social media platform HBO MAX.

Now after removing the Justice League trailer from social media, it is spreading rumors that the Justice League film has been canceled, the answer is no. The studio has confirmed that Justice League will be released on HBO MAX next year.

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