‘Man of Steel’ 2 Is In Development With Henry Cavill At Warner Bros

Rumors are rife that Warner Bros. is looking for Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill, with an official announcement of the film coming soon.

Image Source – Warner Bros

Warner Bros laid the foundation for the DCEU in 2013 with Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. Since then, Cavill hasn’t had a single solo project or Man of Steal sequel at DC. But now after a nine-year drought, the actor is returning not only as Superman in Dwayne Johnson’s Anti-Hero Flick, Black Adam but also get long time much awaited project, Man of Steel 2 at Warner Bros. It is reported that the studio has started looking for a screenwriter for Man of Steel 2. It is also believed that Christopher McQuarrie of Mission: Impossible – Fallout may write the story, his name tops the list. Charles Roven will produce Man of Steel sequel.

Henry Cavill’s return to the DC Universe as Superman is due to Dwayne Johnson. It was Dwayne Johnson who was seen teasing Black Adam vs Superman since 2016. It was Johnson, who urged former Warner Bros. President Walter Hamada to continue with Cavill’s Superman in the Past, which was rejected outright. But now things have changed and so has the leadership of Warner Bros. In this context, Johnson came up with the idea for Cavill’s Superman cameo for his Black Adam, to Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi, the head of Warner Bros, and they approved it. Later in September, an unknown DC leaker claimed on social media that he had seen Henry Cavill shooting in a Superman suit, which turned out to be true.

David Zaslav, the new president of Warner Bros. Discovery, has made it clear that DC will now only make big event films, like Marvel. There is no doubt that Warner Bros is now listening to its fans. Superman’s cameo in Black Adam makes it clear that Henry Cavill will not only be returning for one film, but will apparently appear in another project as well.

Now, What Will Happen To J.J. Abrams’ Superman Reboot?

Apparently, new ‘Superman’ Reboot in The Works With Script Writer Ta-Nehisi At Warner Bros that was announced last year in February with J.J. Abrams as producer. Also, it was confirmed at that time that writer Ta-Nahisi Coates would write the story of the film keeping Black Superman in mind. Now that Warner Bros. has decided to continue with Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DC Universe, what about J.J. Abrams’ project?. So will Warner Bros be canning the Batgirl and Batman: Caped Crusader Animated Series-like Superman reboots or will the project be set in a Robert Pattinson Batman-led universe?. At the moment it is difficult to say what will happen with the film. But maybe the studio will settle into Matt Reeves’ Universe, or else another J.J. Abrams’s project will be canceled at Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill who will be seen as Superman after 5 years in Black Adam will be released in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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