Moon Knight Review: Marvel’s Best Series Ever Also Teases Season 2

Marvel and Disney’s Moon Knight series ends with its first season, which teases a new superhero in the MCU.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in ‘Moon Knight’. Image Source – Instagram

Marvel and Disney’s Moon Knight show, which has been keeping us hooked since its first episode, has finally come to an end. What future Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight holds in the MCU, it will be known when the time comes. If you say that Moon Knight is the best show ever for Marvel and Disney, it would not be wrong to say. Because, for the first time, Marvel Studios has gone out of its tone and served something new in front of the audience, which they have liked very much. Let’s talk about series and more details.


Marvel and Disney+ series, Moon Knight story follows follows Marc Spector and Steven Grant of Oscar Isaac, or rather, two personalities who share the same body. Marc Spector is a mercenary who is left to die in the desert of Egypt. However, Khonshu, the god of Egypt, revives him, although the condition of his resurrection is that Marc must kill the evil doers at all costs.

On the other hand, Steven Grant’s personality is completely opposite to that of Marc Spector, he is very humble and at the same time he is averse to non-violence. He works at a gift shop in London and is an expert in history. Meanwhile, Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke is the leader of a group of enthusiastic people who worship the goddess Ammit. He uses his stick and scales to find out who will do bad things in future and who will not. If the stick and scales indicate that someone will do bad deeds in future, then it swallows their soul.

At the same time, Arthur Harrow is eager to free the goddess Ammit, the only major obstacles standing in his way are Marc Spector and Khonshu. Series also introduces us to Marc Spector’s fiancée May Calamawy’s Layla, who later falls in love with Steven along with Marc and joins them to save the world. So will these three together with Khonshu be able to save the world? This is the story of the series.

Moon Knight Review

Starting with an episode of The Goldfish Problem on March 30, Moon Knight draws a tie between Gods and Monsters in its final episode that doesn’t let us blink. Asylum episode is a masterpiece that just boggles our minds. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead have directed the series with Mohamed Diab , whose direction is amazing. If we look at the Marvel Comics books, Moon Knight has a brutal history. But, as the Moon Knight series carries on its emotional tone, there are times when we have sympathy for Marc Spector. Oscar Isaac is the lifeblood of the series, going to see how Steven and Marc play out at the same time. Marc Spector’s madness coupled with Steven’s humble nature captivates us. May Calamawy’s Layla has done a great job during the series. But she steals the show in the last episode when she plays Layla alongside the hippo goddess Taweret.

Ethan Hawke as the Arthur Harrow villain has taken the series a step further. Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke captivates with the web of his words.

Marvel’s Moon Knight series will not be known for its action sequences but for its story, powerful performances by the actors. In the Moon Knight series, fans may get a little disappointed in terms of action sequences. Although Marvel once again hasn’t given up on its PG-13, although it initially seems like it’s going on the rampage, it’s frustrating all over again. In the last episode, when Ammit and Khonshu’s fight starts, it seems as if there is going to be a huge devastation, but no.

Is There A Season 2 of Moon Knight At Marvel?

Although Marvel Studios is yet to officially confirm Season 2 of Moon Knight. Series ends on a huge cliffhanger that tease the second season. If Season 2 does happen it will be interesting to see how Marvel proceeds with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.

6-episode series portrays Moon Knight as a superhero, not an antihero. Obviously, Moon Knight’s true colors will come out in the future, as we saw in the post-credits scene of the series, when Jake Lockley, the new avatar of Khonshu, killed Harrow.

In the end, I would say that Marvel’s Moon Knight is the best series ever.

Where To Watch Moon Knight?

Marvel’s Moon Knight series is streaming on Disney+.

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