‘Moon Knight’ Trailer: Oscar Isaac Embraces Chaos in Marvel and Disney Series

Marvel and Disney’ new anti-superhero series, ‘Moon Knight’, starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, first official trailer drops.

Image Source – Marvel

The first official trailer for Marvel and Disney’s series ‘Moon Knight’ seems dark. The series stars Oscar Isaac in the lead role. The new series from Marvel and Disney is directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead creators of indie sci-fi horror features like Synchronic (2019), The Endless (2017), and Spring (2014) with Mohamed Diad. Kevin Feige, Victoria Alonso, Oscar Isaac, Brad Winderbaum , Jeremy Slater, and Mohamed Diab are serving as executive producers. Jeremy Slater is also serving as head writer of the series.

According to the trailer, the story of the series follows Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant who works at a general gift shop. Here Steven is seen grappling with the memories of his past life. He then learns he has dissociative identity disorder when he shares the body of Marc Spector, a mercenary. It is in this context that he decides to fight crime, where he later becomes an incarnation of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon.

It doesn’t end there, Steven Grant and Mark Spector’s enemies are also on the road. His enemies will have to deal with Khonshu, one of the mighty Egyptian gods.

Ethan Hawke is playing the role of Arthur Harrow in the series, which is glimpsed before the end of the trailer. He is definitely the villain of the series that Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight will face. Where the members of his cult are seen bowing at his feet.

Who Is Moon Knight ?

According to Marvel Comics Books, Moon Knight is a superhero , who is known as Marc Spector son of Jewish. He is US Marine solider and CIA Operator until he was left to die in the Egyptian desert. He was betrayed by his alley Raoul Bushman. While he was dying in the desert, the Egyptian god Khonshu gave him life. Along with got second chance of life, he also got superhuman abilities. This Comics created and written by Doug Moench and its artist was Don Perlin. Moon Knight was first introduced in Werewolf by Night #32 in August 1975. Moon Knight is also knowing Marvel’s Batman.


In the Marvel Comics book character, Moon Knight specializes in martial arts and armed warfare as Detective Praveen. He has high-tech equipment which he uses in combat. Above all, he became stronger in the light of the full moon. The comics books also claim that Moon Knight can lift a weight of 2 tons at night during a full moon. Charlie Huston, who re-launched Moon Knight in 2006, said that the DCEU’s Batman and Moon Knight have similarities, both being millionaires but Moon Knight stealing money from criminals. Both are fighting against crime.

Release Date

Marvel & Disney+ Series , ‘Moon Knight’ is set to premiere on Disney Plus on March 30, 2022.

See below Moon Knight Trailer:-

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