Moon Knight’s Super Bowl Trailer Reinforces Insanity and Brutality

The trailer of Marvel and Disney’s Oscar Isaac-starrer TV series Moon Knight has been dropped during the Super Bowl.

Image Source – Marvel

Today, during the Super Bowl, Marvel has done two explosions, where in first one, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer: Marvel’s new superhero flick looks dark as well as Wanda’s Evil Side unveils, On the other hand, brutality and insanity were dealt with in the TV series Moon Night. The trailer drops during the Super Bowl gives a clearer look at Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. The Super Bowl trailer takes fans to seventh heaven while reinforcing the insanity and brutality of Moon Knight. Released from the first trailer, Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector fighting his alter ego Moon Knight. All this is leading him towards Chaos. He appears to be fighting over memories of the present and the past. This appears to be the darkest TV series from Marvel and Disney’ to date.

The newly released trailer also gives a clear look at Moon Knight’s outfit and weapons as he is seen confronting an attacking group. Also, views of the Pyramids of Egypt and Arthur Harrow, the cult leader of Ethan Hawke, can be seen manipulating the Moon Knight. Apparently Moon Knight’s Alter Ego Marc Spector, who is known as Marc Spector son of Jewish. He is US Marine solider and CIA Operator until he was left to die in the Egyptian desert. He was betrayed by his alley Raoul Bushman. While he was dying in the desert, the Egyptian god Khonshu gave him life. Along with got second chance of life, he also got superhuman abilities.

Is Marvel’ Moon Knight R-Rated?

Moon Knight is an unpredictable character in the Marvel Comics book that Taskmaster, who can copy any superhero, could not even predict. His cruelty is so cruel that once he even agreed to kill a child. But will this series of Marvel and Disney be PG-13? But at the same time it is also worth noting that each of his series gets more intense with the passage of time. Nevertheless, it is still a question whose clarity will be clear in the days to come. Actor Oscar Isaac said regarding to his Moon Knight character, “Moon Knight is an obscure hero. We’ve been able to take more risks to bring that experimental quality to a larger scale.”

Marvel President Kevin Feige has also clarified that, “Moon Knight will be ‘Loud’, ‘Brutal’ and ‘Not Pull Back’. He promised that six-episode series Moon Knight is a lot edgier and will take Marvel Cinematic Universe in an even darker direction.”

Release Date

Marvel and Disney Series Moon Knight is all set to premiere on March 30, 2022 on Disney Plus.

See below Moon Knight Super Bowl Trailer:-

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