‘Neighbours’ star Miranda Fryer has died at age of 34.

Miranda Fryer, who is known for playing Sky Mangel in ‘Neighbours’ series died at age of 34.

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Today there is news of great sadness for the entertainment industry, Australian sitcom series ‘Neighbours‘ actress Miranda Fryer who is best known for playing the role of Sky Mangel is no more with us. Although the actress took her last breath on 6 January. But the news of his death has become public today.

This news has been confirmed by the actress’ family by issuing a statement. Her family told TV Tonight in an interview that “True soulmates, Miranda and Arthur were planning to start their own family, but one day last week she fell asleep and couldn’t get up in the morning. We don’t know why? “

“She had some problems with his heart. Perhaps her beautiful personality was too good for this world of ours. We, all who loved him dearly, will cherish the memories he left with us and will forever mourn our loss.”

They continuous, “She was a beautiful child, stunning, beautiful inside and out, a woman who was given and received so much love and happiness. As well as so many friends, this world still had a lot to offer, but she is gone.”

It is evident that Miranda married Arthur Pothitis in 2020. Meanwhile, Miranda completed her degree amidst the crisis of Covid-19 to become a nurse. She was soon going to work in the neuroscience department of Monash Hospital. But time was allowed somewhere else, that’s why she is no longer with us today. We pray for her soul to rest in peace.

Remember that the late actress Miranda Fryer gave her first appearance in Neighbors at the age of just 18 months. She played Sky Mangel, daughter of her onscreen parents Joe Mangel and Kerry Bishop, in Neighbors for 3 years on the show. Later her character was played by Stephanie McIntosh.

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