No Man’s Land Review: Impactful and worth Watch

No Man’s Land is the story of two families who inadvertently walk the path of confrontation. One family is led by Bill Greer, the other is headed by Gustavo. The film begins with its title No Man’s Land, an area that lies between the Rio Grande and the border walls and fences. Here Bill Greer’s family owns their own farm. They often hate migrants who try to cross the border into the United States of America using their farmland.

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Then suddenly one night there is some commotion, Greer goes out with his sons. He sees some Mexicans trying to cross the border from the side of his farmland. Where a Mexican boy tries to stab Bill with a knife. That’s when Jackson shoots in an attempt to save his father. Then the bullets start firing there. Greer’s son Jackson shoots Gustavo’s son. In which Gustavo’s son dies. This is where the story turns, instead of revenge. Jackson then decides to leave Rio Grande, and he runs away. Jackson then has an encounter with several Mexicans, which creates further problems in this situation. Gustavo then falls behind Jackson, ostensibly to avenge his son’s death. Then, Jackson takes refuge in Mexico and works with a family. Then, He falls in love with Victoria.

The story beyond this is not that sensational, which can be easily guessed. Will Jackson survive the Mexicans? Will Gustavo avenge his son’s death? That’s the story ahead.

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 Conor Allyn has great direction of No Man’s Land. Screenplay is written by Jake AllynDavid Barraza is also well. Jake Allyn paly the role of Jackson Greer very well, who has remorse, what he had done. As Jackson’s parents, Frank Grillo and Andie MacDowell are very good, they had nothing to do more. All the artists have done a good job.

Watch It Or Not: Definitely A Yes. If you like thriller movie, go for it.

Cast: Frank Grillo, Esmeralda Pimentel, Jake Allyn, Andie MacDowell

Director:  Conor Allyn

Producers: Jake AllynConor AllynRob AllynJake Shapiro

Screenplay:  Jake AllynDavid Barraza

Run-Time: 115 minute.

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