‘No Time To Die’ release date may be delayed again!

No Time To Die is James Bond’s 25th franchise film. Release of this film may be delayed again. This is apparently Daniel Craig’s last James Bond series film. After this, Daniel Craig will not be seen again in the role of James Bond.

The official release date of No Time To Die is April 2, though it was to be released by November 2019. But due to some reasons, the film got a release date in April 2020. Then No Time To Die was postponed for 1 straight year due to Covid-19.

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Now once again there is a problem with the release date of No Time To Die. According to some reports, No Time To Die is difficult to release on Easter, reason same-Covid-19. It is obvious that MGM benefits the most from the James Bond franchise from USA and UK. But the situation in which both countries are going on regarding Covid-19 is not good. That is why No Time To Die theatrical release is a difficult.

It is not that MGM Studios did not try to release No Time to Die. He made up his mind to release the film on a streaming service, but the price was 600 million. Netflix and Apple + were on the list. But no streaming company was willing to pay even half of 600 million.

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No Time To Die is expected to release in November 2021

A Dutch exhibitor Carlo Lambregts revealed that he heard No Time To Die film’s release date is heading from its Easter weekend to November. But there is no definite release date has been set yet. Recent Daniel Craig starring James Bond film’s box office collection below here:-

Spectre: 880.6 Million

Skyfall: 1.1 Billion

Hopefully, the situation will get better with Covid-19 soon, so that apart from No Time to Die, the other films are also released on their time.

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