‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ film’s sequel has been confirmed. The original film was released in 2012 and its was French action/comedy film. Omar Sy and Director Louis Leterrier are teaming again for ‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ film’s sequel for Netflix. The title of the sequel to the film ‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ has not been cleared at the moment.

The sequel to ‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ film will see Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte once again playing their old characters from the original film. In the original film, they both appeared to solve the mystery of the murder of the wife of a business man. Both had their own different way of solving the case. The original film grossed 33 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

Omar Sy in ‘Lupin’ ( Image Source- Netflix )

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Earlier, the pair had made a series like ‘Lupin’ for Netflix. Lupin was released on Netflix this year on January 8, 2021.. This French series received a tremendous response. Now the second part of the Lupin series will be released in the coming summer. Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ series has 5 episode in first part. Omar Sy played the role of a smart thief in the Lupine series. According to the story of the Lupin series, Omar Sy’s character Assane sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family.

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‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ Sequel Release Date

‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ film’s sequel is set to release in somewhere in 2022. Stéphane Kazandjian has wrote the screenplay for sequel. Eric and Nicolas Altmayer are producing the film for Netflix. ‘On The Other Side of The Tracks’ film’s sequel production got underway yesterday in the French Alps.

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