Ray Fisher is no longer in The Flash Movie

Justice League Star Ray Fisher said that he will not appear in The Flash movie as Cyborg. The distance between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros Studios continues. Ray Fisher said that Cyborg was the life of that film. Ray Fisher was not happy with the 2017 Justice League character introduced by Joss Whedon. Since then, Ray has been accused Warner bros studio. However, the Justice League version of Zack Snyder has already received the green signal from the studio. Yet the sourness between Ray and Warner Bros. continues to grow.

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Ray Fisher no longer in The Flash Movie to play Cyborg

The flash movie was previously announced alongside Ray Fisher’s Cyborg character. But for the past few days, there was a conflict between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. DCEU, which has led to Ray being removed from The Flash movie. This has been confirmed by Ray Fisher from his social media account Twitter. You can read this below:-

Ray does not agree with Warner Bros and DCEU’s decision and very disappointing news for the fans also. However, Cyborg’s character was already limited in the DCEU projects he did appear in, and plans for The Flash gave him a bigger role. IT director Andy Muscietti said “There were conflicting reports about Cyborg role in current version of the movie ”

Image Source- WarnerBros.com

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This decision by Warner Bros. Studios is not a surprise, as it was natural. Because, Walter Hameda was recently extended as President of DCEU. Then actor Ray Fisher said that he would not be part of any DCEU project that would include Walter Hamada. Now it will be interesting to see, only time will tell if that changes, or if Warner Bros. Studio and DC decide to recast to continue using the character without Ray Fisher.

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