She Hulk Comic Origins, Powers & More Details

She Hulk is Marvel’s upcoming TV series. We have seen the comic book’s powerful Green Monster ‘Hulk’ in Marvel’s movies. We are well aware of Hulk’s origin, how scientist Robert Bruce Banner transforms into a monster due to gamma rays. If we talk on the basis of Powers, only Thor from the Avengers team can defeat the Hulk.

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She Hulk Origin

But today we will talk about the origins of Marvel Studios’ upcoming SHE-HULK TV Series. She Hulk is also known as Jennifer Walters in the comic book. She Hulk’s character was first introduced by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscemain The Savage She-Hulk # 1 comic book in February, 1980. According to comic book, Jennifer Walters was initially a defense lawyer by profession in Los Angeles. Jennifer was a cousin of Bruce Banner. One day when Bruce goes to meet Jennifer, she was gunned down by some gangsters looking to silence her client. Jennifer had a lot of blood in the incident. So Bruce had to save Jennifer’s life by donating his blood. Later on, Jennifer became a Hulk with the ability to transform herself into green and muscular ones, just like Bruce whenever he got angry.

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She Hulk’s Power

Image- Marvel Comics

The power of Marvel’s character She Hulk is the same as Bruce’s Hulk. Where we experienced from Marvel’s films, how Bruce Banner had to work hard to control his Hulk form. But according to the comic book, Jennifer is capable of controlling her monster form, she is smart and intelligent. Jennifer had much more control over her powers. She can do her daily chores with no hassle.

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Only last year, Marvel Studios announced the She Hulk TV series for Disney Plus. Tatiana Maslany will be seen playing Jennifer Walters in this series of MCU. There will be 10 episodes of Season 1 of this Marvel and Disney series, She Hulk. Mark Ruffalo will once again be seen in this series in the character of Hulk aka Bruce Banner. Abomination character is also confirmed for SHE Hulk TV series. Tim Roth will come once again to perform the role of Abomination from 2008’s, The Incredible Hulk. Marvel Studio President, Kevin Feige has also clarified that in this series we will know more about Gamma Radiation, like how Jennifer Walters got her power. According to some rumors, we will also see 3 female villains in this series, who will face Jennifer Walters.

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Kat Coiro and  Anu Valia are set to direct the series for Marvel Studio. Jessica Gao is hired to write the script for series.

Release Date

Marvel’s She Hulk series will premiere on streaming service platform Disney+. She Hulk’s release not confirmed yet, but we can expect this series somewhere in 2022.

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