“Stillwater” Trailer: Matt Damon Is On A Mission To Save His Daughter From Marseille Prison

Stillwater, Focus Features unveils the first official trailer for crime-drama film. Tom McCarthy directed the Stillwater film for Focus Features, who is the director of 2015’s Spotlight film. Matt Damon is playing lead role in Stillwater film.

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The story of the Stillwater film follows an oil-rig worker, Bill Baker ( Matt Damon ), who goes to Marseille, France to save his innocent daughter Allison ( Abigail Breslin ). Bill’s daughter is jailed in Marseille for a murder charge. Even though Allison claims, she didn’t commit that murder. Later, faced with language barriers, cultural differences, and a complex legal system, Bill soon creates a new life for himself as he makes it his personal mission to get Allison out from prison.

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Image- Focus Features

Apart from Matt Damon and Abigail Breslin, Stillwater film also featuring stars, Camille Cottin, Deanna Dunagan, Gary Sievers and Eric Starkey.

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Stillwater Film Release Date

Stillwater film is scheduled to release on July 30, 2021 in theaters. Dev Patel starrer The Green Knight film is also releasing on the same day.

Tom McCarthy has written the screenplay of the film with Noé Debré, Thomas Bidegain. Though, Tom McCarthy is also producing the film with Liza Chasin, Steve Golin and Jonathan King. Tom McCarthy has previously produced TV series such as 13 Reason Why for Netflix, in addition to the Spotlight film.

In addition to the Stillwater film, Matt Damon’s The Last Duel film will also be released this year. The Last Duel film is directed by Ridley Scott. The Last Duel will be a historical drama film and scheduled to release on October 14, 2021.

Marvel Studio‘s Thor Love and Thunder is another Matt Damon’s big film, which is scheduled to release on February 11, 2022.

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Watch Stillwater Film’s trailer below:-

Focus Features Upcoming Film’s Release Date

Profile– May 14, 2021

Blue Bayou– June 25, 2021

Last Night in Soho– October 22, 2021

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