Tenet Movie Review! Christopher Nolan’s Not Best But Its Good!

Christopher Nalon’s action / sci-fi film, Tenet, which was delayed due to the Covid-19, has been released in India today.

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Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet, called the magician of the world of films, has now been released in India. Christopher Nolan who is known for using aesthetics, themes and cinematic techniques in his films.

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Tenet Movie Story

It is the story of a time traveling, The Protagonis, our hero who is chosen to stop the Third World War by time travel. Will he be able to do this by putting his life at risk? It sounds like a ordinary story, but its not. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet features nonstop action sequences and is a mind-blowing story. It reminds us of Inception and Shutter Island in terms of brainwashing.


The world is about to end and time is running out. Writer-director Christopher Nolan’s mysterious Magnum Opus has shown an aspect that is filled with an event in which almost everything seems real in the uncertain times we live. The film begins with a blast at a packed National Opera House in Kiev. Why this happened, what will happen next? Our curiosity starts growing in the beginning of film.

The story of this film is about saving the world from Andrei (Kenneth Branagh), a Russian arms dealer. He specializes in moving back and forth in time. Our hero John David Washington is sent on a mission to save the world from Andrei. It is accompanied by the British counterpart Neil (Robret Pattinson). The mission begins in Mumbai, where they meet Priya (Dimple Kapadia), the wife of a big arms dealer. There they find a clue, but when they meet Andrei’s estranged wife Kat (Elizabeth Debki) who cannot be trusted. Then John David Washington and Neil felt situation is very bad.

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Christopher Nalone’s direction in the film is amazing. The way he has portrayed character is wonderful. There have always been complaints from some film critics that Christopher Nalone has always given the lead role to the white actor in his films, but he has silenced everyone by giving the lead role to John David Washington in the film Tenet.

In cinematography department, Hoyte Van Hoytema done a great job. Robert Pattinson had also done a great job.

In conclusion, I will say, Tenet is not the best film by Christopher Nalone but it is a very good film. If you like action and mind-blowing movies, you can’t miss it.

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