the boys season 2 review!

The second season of the web series ‘The Boys’ has released. If you have seen the first season, then obviously you must have been very keen on the second season. And if you have not seen the first season, then you know its story first. Imagine if the superheroes present in the society were not just superheroes who used their eccentric powers for social good. And, to gather the truth behind their so-called social work, a group of oppressed people would come to the fore. These are ‘The Boys’ of Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of ‘The Boys’ showed that Compound V . Who is responsible for the powers of the superheroes that appear in the story. This Compound V superhero homelander distributes to many people in the world. They using which different dangerous terrorists have been formed in different countries. Now the public is looking forward to The Seven again. They once again the public sympathizes with the company controlling them.

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In the second season too, it moves from there, where season 1 ends. On one side is The Seven’s ringleader home lander and on the other is Butcher and his companions. In the end, this butcher’s revelation seems to weaken the whole campaign on personal rivalry rather than social purposes. But what the creators have done to forget these things in the second season. That can only be understood by looking at the screen. It is true that this is not Marvel Cinematic Universe. The heart is about to bring the mouth. The legal warning for the feeble heart people is to watch this series at their own risk.

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A character named Stormfront, who is playing on-screen Aya Cash, this time in a diminished The Seven last season. Some of the Marvel series films include Captain Marvel Sea Entry is Stormfront. For a land full of social media knights. This character is also very timely and a grating satire on changing social contexts. She is like a god of ‘devotees’ and her growing popularity also becomes a reason for jealousy for her other companions. In the role of Homelandor, Antony Star once again has been able to present every attribute of his personality with his full cool style. Karl Urban, standing just on the other side of them, is also no less murderous and both of them are the real attraction of this story.

This time in ‘The Boys’, the bloodshed is more than the first season. Skulls erupt like ripe melon or tomato. Everything inside looks as if, by sitting in a science class, someone is trying to teach us the human structure in a gruesome way. If you liked the first season of ‘The Boys’, then this season has brought a lot of extras for you. Its first three episodes have been streaming on amazon prime video. There is a promise of a new episode every Friday. There are eight episodes in total. Take care of yourself while watching this. The series is only for adults, so if you intend to watch it on a home-grown smart TV, then turn it on only after the children have gone to sleep and yes do not forget to plug in your Bluetooth earphones.

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