Bo Hopkins, who is best known for 1973's American Grafitti dies at the age of 80

Bo Hopkins died at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles. The actor had suffered a heart attack.

Bo Hopkins started his film career with 1969's The Wild Bunch.

From 1969's The Wild Bunch, Bo Hopkins' name had become one of the veteran actors.

In addition to The Wild Bunch, Bo Hopkins is also known for his 1973 drama-comedy American Grafitti, though he was in supporting role.

Bo Hopkins's last release was the Netflix 2020 drama film Hillbilly Elegy. The film was directed by Ron Howard.

Late actor Bo Hopkins has acted in more than 100 films and many TV shows during his career.

Bo Hopkins was born in 1942 in Greenville, South Carolina. His real name was William Hopkins

Bo Hopkins is survived by wife Sian Eleanor Green and Son Maththew and duaughter Jane. 

Bo Hopkins's first wife's name was Norma, with whom his marriage lasted for 3 years.