Every Marvel fan wants to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the last time in Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars.

However, Hugh Jackman announced long ago that he would not be seen again as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman last appeared as Wolverine in 2017's Logan, directed by James Mangold.

But now after things come under Marvel, the chances of Hugh Jackman appearing as Wolverine in the MCU increases.

There's a precise theory that Hugh Jackman could appear directly in Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars without disturbing the current time-line of the MCU.

Obviously, Hugh Jackman's Logan film was set in 2029 while Marvel's Avengers: The Secret Wars will be set in 2025.

In such a situation, Marvel can introduce Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the first time in the MCU.

Obviously, Marvel has teased Wolverine for the first time in the MCU in the She-Hulk series.

Previously, Marvel has also introduced Patrick Stewart from the X-Men Universe as Charles Xavier Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In such a situation, the chances of Hugh Jackman returning to the MCU as Wolverine cannot be denied.

Taron Egerton, on the other hand, claimed in the month of July that he is in talks with Marvel to play Wolverine in the MCU.

If Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine, fans will want to see him and not Taron Egerton.

Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars is schedule to release in theatres on November 7, 2025. 

Hugh Jackman will next seen in Sony's drama film, The Son , which is schedule to release on November 11, 2022.