Content creator and influencer Andrew Tate has been banned from Facebook and Instagram.

Influencer Andrew Tate has been banned after an online call from activists for violating Meta's policies.

The main reason for banning Andrew Tate on Facebook and Instagram is because of Influencer making indecent remarks towards women.

Whether Andrew Tate has been banned on Facebook and Instagram permanently or temporarily is not currently known.

Obviously, Andrew Tate has also been a former kickboxer and reality TV star. His life has been very controversial.

Andrew Tate has also been a part of the 2016 reality show Big Brother U.K where he was kicked out for committing violence.

During the reality show, Andrew Tate was seen attacking a woman in the video.

Later, Andrew Tate clarified that the video was edited and it was just a lie trying to make me look bad.

Even before this, Twitter has banned several accounts of Andrew Tate between 2017 and 2022 due to inhuman remarks made by him.

35-year-old influencer Andrew Tate lives a luxury life. Currently his net worth is around $350 million.