Singer Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are going through a tough phase in their lives.

Apparently a few days ago pop star Justin Bieber announced that his face was partially paralyzed by a viral condition called Ramsay Hunt syndrome

 Ramsay Hunt syndrome virus is a rare neurological disorder characterized by paralysis of the facial nerve and a rash affecting the ear or mouth

Now Justin Bieber is slowly recovering from rare medical condition. Giving an update on his health, the singer writes on Instagram Story that, "

"Wanted to share a little bit of how I've been feeling. Each day has gotten better and through all of the discomfort I have found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me."

He continuous "I'm reminded he knows all of me. He know the darkest parts of me that I want no one to know about and he constantly welcomes me into his loving arms."

"This perspective has given me peace through this horrible storm that I'm facing. I know this storm will pass, but in the meantime, JESUS IS WITH ME", He adds

Last night, Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber spoke about Justin's health and relationship on the show Live With Kelly & Ryan.

Hailey said Justin during the Live With Kelly and Ryan show that, "Justin is going to be tatally fine. This is just a really out-of-nowhere, weird situation. It takes time to heal from."

Also, regarding the relationship with husband Justin Bieber, Hailey said that, "I and Justin are closer than ever in this tough times."