Andy Chaves, a member of Arizona's pop-rock band Katastro, has died at the age of 32.

Andy Chaves died after a road accident, this tragic incident took place on the Pacific Coast Highway near Newport Beach, California.

According to ABC News, the incident took place on the morning of May 12 when singer Andy Chaves was traveling with two people, their vehicle collided with a construction equipment.

Both people traveling with singer Andy Chaves have also died in the road accident, which has been confirmed by the Newport Beach Police Department.

The deceased along with singer Andy Chaves have been identified as Crystal McCallum age 34 and Wayne Walter Swanson Jr age 40, respectively.

However, there is no official comment on the social media from Katastro Band on the death of singer Andy Chaves.

Andy Chaves was the lead singer of Katastro Band. He formed the band in 2007 in Tempe, Arizona.

Katastro Band has made 6 albums and two acoustic records so far., like 'A Wonderful Daze' , 'No Mud No Lotus' and Washed.

Apart from Andy Chaves, Andrew Stravers (drums), Tanner Riccio (guitar) and Ryan Weddle (bass) are currently active in the Katastro band.

Andy Chaves was married with his wife named Cel Quihuis-Bell and a daughter named Mias.