The fifth episode of Marvel's series She-Hulk has been released on Disney+.

The latest episode of the series depicts the legal battle between Titania and Jennifer Walters over the name She-Hulk.

Plus, the latest episode of She-Hulk tease the Charlie Cox's Daredevil as well.

Although Charlie Cox is not seen as a Daredevil series, only the helmet of his suit is visible.

She-Hulk's latest episode doesn't live up to the expectations, it completely disappoints.

She-Hulk completely brushes off the excitement from the previous episode.

If the series continues like this, Tatiana Maslany's future as She-Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be in jeopardy.

She-Hulk's latest episode confirms that Marvel needs to change its content making style.

Because of this mindset, the foundation of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 is looking very weak. Thor: Love and Thunder or Ms Marvel is its stick example.

In Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars, viewers would rather see the Hulk than She-Hulk

Marvel's adaptation of She-Hulk has been extremely disappointing so far. Comedy factor doesn't work every time.

Also,  thrill is completely missing from the She-Hulk series.

Now that She-Hulk has come halfway, it seems redundant to expect from the series.

Now the only hope is Charlie Cox's Daredevil will set a new milestone in the She-Hulk series.