Speed Racer live-action series based on animated series and Japanese manga is happening at Apple.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams will serve as executive producer for Speed Racer series.

JJ Abrams is working with Warner Bros Studios on another video game adaptation Portal movie. 

Speed Racer live-action series will be produced by Bad Robot and Warner Bros Television in association with Apple.

Ron Fitzgerald, best known for HBO Max's Westworld will serve as co-writer and showrunner for Speed Racer live-action series

 Netflix Snowpiercer's  Hiram Martinez, whose 'exciting take' impressed Apple, Bad Robot and Warner Bros will also serve as co-writer and showrunner.

Tatsuo Yoshida started Speed Racer in manga in 1966 and it soon became famous around the world.

In 1967, Speed Racer was converted from manga to an animated series with 52 episodes.

This isn't the first time Speed Racer hasn't been made into a live-action series or movie.

In 2008, Warner Bros released Speed Racer, directed by the Wachowski sisters Lana and Lilly, though it was a box office disaster.

2008's Speed Racer did a business of around $94 million at the box office although it had a budget of $120 million.