Warner Bros. is expanding the universe of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

The Batman directed by Matt Reeves turns out to be a huge blockbuster at the box office

Robert Pattinson's The Batman has grossed around $760 million at the box office so far at a cost of $185 million.

Robert Pattinson's The Batman has been well-liked from critics to audience due to good story, better direction and acting.

Ever since the huge success of Robert Pattinson's The Batman, speculations have been swirling for a second part of the film

Warner Bros. has finally confirmed The Batman 2 alongside Robert Pattinson.

Warner Bros has once again called on Matt Reeves to direct The Batman 2.

Warner Bros has confirmed The Batman 2 during the ongoing CinemaCon event in Las Vegas.

For the time being, no other cast has been confirmed for Warner Bros and DC with The Batman 2 other than Robert Pattinson.

FExcited after confirming The Batman 2 director Matt Reeves says,"Thank you all for your tremendous support for The Batman. I'm excited to jump back into this world for next chapter"