Production for Joker 2, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will begin in early 2023.

Todd Phillips will return for the sequel as director

The original film was released in 2019, setting new dimensions at the box office

Joker breaks Deadpool's record of $782 million in R-rated at box office

Joker surpassed Deadpool at the box office to cross the $1.074 billion mark from a budget of 55 million, still No 1 in the r-rated category

Joker 2 does not deserve even after becoming a big blockbuster at the box office.

Warner Bros.'s original Joker was a complete film, the story ended exactly as it should have ended.

Also Todd Phillips's Joker doesn't exist in DCeu

Maintaining the Joker legacy of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2 will be a big challenge for Warner Bros and the director.

Warner Bros' decision to make Joker 2 is no less than a gamble.