What did Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Star Rachel Weisz Say About The Cast?

Marvel’s Black Widow is less than 2 weeks away from release. In such a situation, the promotion for the film is going on in full swing. After a short hiatus, short teasers for Black Widow are released by Marvel Studios. As a result, our curiosity for ‘Black Widow’ increases further. Marvel Studios knows very well how to promote each of its projects.

A short promotional video was recently released by Marvel. Where the film’s star Rachel Weisz revealed the secrets of the stars associated with Black Widow. Let’s talk about what Rachel Weisz said about her co-stars?

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Image Source- Walt Disney Studios

Q. Who Did The Most Research On Their Character?

Answer. In response to this question, Rachel Weisz took the name of Scarlett Johansson. According to her, Scarlett does a lot of research about her character. She said that, Scarlett has been playing Natasha Romanoff’s character for many years, for which she does a lot of research.

Q. Who Is Most Likely To Break During A Scene?

Answer. In response to this question, the actress took her own name. According to her she takes a break during the scene.

Q. Who Is Most Likely To Pranks On Set?

Answer. David Harbour ( Who plays as Red Guardian in Black Widow ), According to her, David Harbour pranks the most on set.

Q. Who Is Most Like Their Character?

Answer. All. She said,” Everyone loves their character in Black Widow, whether it’s a superhero or other character.”

Q. Who Is Least Their Character?

Answer. In response, the actress put herself forward and said that she is not even close to her character in real life. The actress said that she has covered a long journey to reach this.

Q. Who Is Most Likely To Actually Be A Spy?

Answer. However, the actress kept quiet in response to this question. Obviously this would have been a spoiler.

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However, Rachel Weisz is playing Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow. The character of Melina Vostokoff in the Marvel Universe first appeared in the comic book Marvel Fanfare in 1982. But, as per Comic Book, Melina Vostokoff is a Soviet Agent, who works under Iron Maiden. The comic book also stars Melina’s character, also known as Iron Maiden, a dangerous assassin sent to track down Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. According to the comic books, there is no emotion in Melina Vostokoff’s character. But we have often seen that Marvel presents the characters of its comics books on the big screen with slight changes.

If some fan theories are taken into account, then she could be the secret villain of Black Widow after Task Master. Which form of Melina will be seen in the film, it will be known after its release.

Black Widow Release Date

Marvel’s Black Widow is set to release on July 9, 2021 in theaters and on streaming service platform Disney Plus Same Day

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