What Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy Says ?

Tom Holland has delivered his biggest blockbuster amid the Covid-19 crisis with Spider-Man: No Way Home for Marvel and Sony.

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Where the whole world was battling the deadly deadly virus Covid-19 for the last two years, due to which the theaters were deserted. So Marvel and Sony’s Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home. has done wonders that no other film has been able to do so far. Released on December 17, the film was greeted with open arms by the audience and celebrated it like a festival due to which this superhero flick has emerged as the biggest blockbuster amid the Covid-19 crisis. Tom Holland’s superhero feature has so far held on to the box office collection of $1.831 billion. Spider-Man: No Way Home has surpassed James Cameron’s Avatar’s $760 million mark at the US domestic box office.

But with this, fans of the super-hit franchise had to be disappointed when Spider-Man: No Way Home was nominated in only one category at the Oscars. In this context, Kevin Smith criticizes Oscars for Spider-Man: No Way Home along with fans. Later, fans campaigned for the film as well, when the Oscars brought back the fan favorite popular movie category, which had been canceled a while back. Let’s talk about whether Spider-Man: No Way Home will win the Oscar or not. But have you ever wondered what the true meaning of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy is? Let’s talk about what our favorite comic book character trilogy has to say.

Spider-Man: Homecoming inspires us to rise above Peter Parker’s circumstances. That’s when he realized that the time was not right, even if he decided to leave Laura Harrier’s Liz Allan. He moves on without any remorse.

On the other hand, Spider-Man: Far From Home teaches Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to believe in himself. Like how Peter Parker learns to believe in himself after the passing of Robert Downey Jr.’ Iron Man, who guided him like a father, after Avengers: Endgame.

Finally, Spider-Man: No Way Home shows us the failure of Peter Parker. Because it is because of Peter that the lives of his friends become a mess. He puts the lives of his friends in danger along with him. But he accepts the situation and fights with them.

Movies from 2002 show that Peter Parker is a failure. Because Peter Parker has a human quality that he fails again and again. He is unable to do his job properly, does not pay his rent on time, although he is not able to save his Uncle Ben Parker even though he is a superhero. Still, like a common man, he fights with the circumstances even if he is not successful. But Spider-Man: No Way Home redeems the failures of the past 20 years. Peter Parker is not known by his failure but by his hard work, no matter how many times he loses, but he will definitely try every time. The quality of Peter Parker’s standing up again makes us his fan.

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