Who Killed Sara? Season 2 Review: Netflix’s Thriller Show At Its Peak & Best Show To Watch Right Now

Did you like the show ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ of Netflix In May 2021, if not, then no problem. There is still plenty of entertainment for you on the streaming platform in the month of May. Who Killed Sara? Season 2 show is one of them.

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Who Killed Sara? Season 2 Plot

After the tremendous success of its first season, directors, David Ruiz and Bernardo de la Rosa ‘s Who Killed Sara? Season has come. If you like movies and shows like murder mystery, then you won’t want to miss the second season of Who Killed Sara? Season 2.

Who Killed Sara? Season 2 story’s will continue from first part, where Álex Guzmán, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison, came out. He was framed for his sister’s murder. He takes revenge for his sister’s death and discovers the real murderer. The needle of suspicion revolves on the Lazcano family. The story gets more complicated. In season 2, we will get answers to all those questions, which were left in our mind in the first part. The best part of this mystery thriller show is that it keeps us together till the end. You shouldn’t miss this Mexican epic show if you like murder mystery thriller content, this is best show to watch right now.

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A Still From Who Killed Sara? ( Image- Netflix )


Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2 has risen much higher than the first part. But there are some minor flaws in the show, such as unnecessarily inserting a sex scene, without them the story could have been carried forward. The suspense and thrill of the show cover these flaws comfortably, which is a good sign. Everyone has their own ideology. Maybe what i feel is bad, someone else likes it. The best thing in the show is that we get to see many twists and turns, which makes everyone suspicious of Sara’s murderer from time to time. The creator of the show José Ignacio Valenzuela has done an amazing job. He has written the show very cleverly. Character development is made on seeing. If it is said that Who Killed Sara? is the top 10 mystery thriller show for Netflix, then it will not be wrong.

If is not able to come out of the shock of the ‘Jupiter’s Legacy‘,then Who Killed Sara? season 2 will help to help in this?

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Where To Watch

Who Killed Sara? Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

Note: Who Killed Sara? Season 2 is for 18+, because of the nude scenes and abusive slang on the show.

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