Why Christopher Nolan Will Not Make Marvel’s Movies!

You will have many favorite characters, and the actors who play their characters will also be your favorites. Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker whose films have been talked about for years. Because Christopher Nolan have a huge fan base of their own. He is a filmmaker whose confirmation of the upcoming film becomes a topic of discussion. His way of directing the film, the way of taking the story forward, all are wonderful. As one of his fans, who wouldn’t want to make a film with this world’s most successful Superhero franchise Marvel Studios. Naturally this is difficult to happen. There are many reasons.

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Production Control

When it comes to Christopher Nolan, he cannot be called just a film director. He is basically a film maker, he mostly develops his film stories in association with his brother Johnathan Nolan or by himself. After he gets the inspiration for the opening story, it takes years to get him into the film. But on the other hand, Marvel Studios has complete control over its films, it does not delay the production of the film. You can guess it with the concept film.

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The idea for Inception’s story came from his 2000 film Momento, and it took him 10 years to make it into a film. And let Tenet talk that he got the idea of ​​this film from a scene in Momento and it has taken him 20 years to film it. When Warner Bros. Studios called Christopher Nolan to create The Batman Begins. Then Christopher Nolan had made it clear that he would make Batman his own way and he would have complete control over the film. Because of this, it is very difficult for Christopher Nolan and Marvel Studios to work together.

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Way Of Directing

Christopher Nolan’s style of directing films is completely different from Marvel Studios. Where we do not understand any of their scenes, the same scene would come to a point in the film and become the focal point of the story. Later, they clear all the things of story. While Marvel’s films run on a fast track.

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Christopher Nolan loves making films on the ground reality. They always try to keep their films real. On the other hand, CGI is used extensively in Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Take as an example of Batman Trilogy , why Christopher Nolan chose this film. Because Batman Trilogy is so close to reality.

So in the end we can say that it is very difficult for Christopher Nolan and Marvel Studios to come together. What is your opinion ?

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  1. Tamilya Smith-Gonzalezsays:

    That’s wonderful news because Tenet was absolutely awful! From the plot to the fight scenes, it was painful to watch. So here here to him not touching anything in our beloved MCU Universe!

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