‘WONDER WOMAN 1984’ movie confirmed for theaters and HBO MAX!

Wonder Woman is now officially releases in theaters and HBO MAX.

DC’s Wonder Woman film, which was being delayed for a long time, is now going to be officially released. The film “Wonder Woman 1984” will debut simultaneously in American theaters and on AT&T Inc.’s HBO Max streaming service, starting on Christmas Day. The film was getting late due to the film covid-19. This is confirmed by Gal Gadot from his social media account Instagram.

AT&T’s Warner Bros. Studios said on Wednesday that the film would be shown in cinemas outside the United States, where HBO Max is not yet available, starting December 16.

“For a film of this scale, this is unprecedented,” WarnerMedia chief executive Jason Killer explained in a blog post why the studio decided to release the film in homes and theaters at the same time.

Films are usually shown in cinemas exclusively to audiences for 75 days before they are available elsewhere.

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Gail Gadot’s film “Wonder Woman 1984” was originally scheduled to go to theaters in June 2020 but Hollywood Studios delayed releasing most of its films until 2021, as the virus has shut down many theaters in major markets, Which is destroying theater operators including AMC Entertainment and Cineworld Group plc.

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The studio did not want to take any risk. That’s why “Wonder Woman 1984” was moved several times, as it is a big budget film.

wonder woman 1984 final trailer

But it is not yet clear how many people will come to theaters during the COVID-19 epidemic. So viewers can also watch “Wonder Woman 1984” on HBO MAX. In Los Angeles and New York, the largest US film markets, theaters are closed. Sales of tickets to open theaters in other areas are limited and other steps have been taken to prevent the effects of the virus.

“Wonder Woman 1984” is a sequel to 2017 hit “Wonder Woman,” which collected around $821.8 million in global ticket sales.

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