Wonder Woman 1984 movie review: Gal Gadot Shines Once Again!

After continuously slipping the release date of Wonder Woman 1984, Finally the film has been released in the Theater.

Now when Wonder Woman 1984 film has come, what has it done? Its perfect Christmas gift.

It is said that the time has passed. There should be no tampering with time. When a human being violates it for his own selfishness, he may have to bear the brunt of it. Those who could not handle their situation in time, they later regret it. You will see all this in the DCEU Universe’s film Wonder Woman 1984.

a still from Wonder Woman 1984
Gal Gadot in Wonder woman 1984 ( Image Source- https://Warner Bros. Entertainment)

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The Wonder Woman 1984 film, directed by Patty Jenkins, is set in the eighties. The background music of this film will entice you a lot and you will not be able to stop moving your head. Looking at the film, you will feel as if you are in 1984 itself. The way Patty Jenkins has directed Wonder Woman 1984, what she is capable for! .

Films Plot and Performance

After Steve Trevor(Chris Pine) dead in Wonder Woman in 2017, Princess Diana remains lost in his memories. Meanwhile, she meets Barbara(Kristen Wiig) and the two have a close friendship. When things go out of control, Maxwell Lord( Pedro Pascal) would accompany people to fulfill their wishes. Diana’s friend Barbara becomes a ferocious predator (Cheetah) because of Maxwell Lord. Now the whole world is in danger. Naturally, Wonder Woman will face Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. Will Wonder Woman save the world from this danger, will she be able to face the cheetah and the Maxwell lord? This is the story of the film.

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All the actors in the film have played their characters well. Gal Gadot is once again very beautiful in the character of Wonder Woman. Speaking of the film’s villains, Pedro Pascal has played the role of Maxwell Lord very smartly. Kristen Wiig is also very good in the character of Cheetah, there is a complaint that she got very little in the role of Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 is released worldwide now. Its streaming on HBO MAX also. Go watch this film now.

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