Zack Snyder wants to make an Elektra movie with Marvel Studio!

Jack Snyder was recently asked if he would like to make which film with Marvel, the world’s most successful franchise. On this, he said that he would definitely like to make films on Elektra or Daredevil.

 Zack Snyder started his film career from Dawn of Dead 2004. His first film was a huge hit. Warner Bros. Studio’s Comic Books adaptation 300 and Watchman gives a boost to his career. Zack Snyder’s Justice League has little time to release on HBO Max.

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Today we are watching the films of DCEU Comics Superhero, all of this is due to Zack Snyder. His 2009 release, Watchman is the most underrated film. It was a masterpiece, yet it failed at the box office. In 2017, after the Justice League, DCEU was almost finished, and everyone considered Zack Snyder responsible for it. But Zack Snyder has created his own fan base, due to which we will get to see Justice League on HBO MAX.

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Zack Snyder wants to make Marvel’s Elektra

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In an interview with Comic Book Debate , Zack Snyder was asked that if you had to make a film for Marvel Studios, you would make a film. He said that

“I would choose Elektra Lives Again. Do you know that Frank Miller comic book? It’s a graphic novel about Elektra. Daredevil is having these dreams about Elektra coming back to life, and it’s really cool and weird…It’s just cool, and beautiful. That’s what I would do. No one cares, but that’s what I would do.”

Zack Snyder chose Elektra and Daredevil because he is known for his dark films. The comic origin of both these films is Dark. Where there is an Elektra, Daughter of Darkness. Elektra was born in tragedy, as her mother was shot while pregnant and died shortly after giving birth to the girl. On the hand Daredevil,  When his father is killed after refusing to throw a fight, he becomes Daredevil, vowing to bring his father’s killers to justice.

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It’s not that Zack Snyder can’t work with Marvel, it’s possible because Marvel recently bought Daredevil’s rights from Netflix. And speaking of Elektra, a film or web series can also be made on this, such as Wanda Vision, Loki, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier.

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