Airbnb Offers Home Alone House For Rent, You Wanna Stay!.

The most successful classic family comedy of the 1990s, ‘Home Alone‘ house has been made available for rent by Airbnb for fans.

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. Image Source- Twitter

When the occasion is Christmas and Kevin McCallister is not there, then the festival seems incomplete. Even though Home Alone’s McCallister family has grown quite a bit during their childhood days. Even today it seems that they are still ready to leave their family home to a group of strangers.

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Where is Home Alone House ?

671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, ILLINOIS.

Apparently the house where the comedy feature was shot can be found in north suburban Winnetka, Illinois. In 2012 this house was sold for around $1.6 million.

But now Airbnb has come up with such an offer, due to which you too will be able to feel that thrill like Kevin. Yes, Airbnb is making the same house available for a one night stay, which will be hosted by Kevin’s older brother Buzz McCallister ( Devin Ratray ).

In this context, Devin said on Airbnb, “As time goes on, we get older and wiser. But we’re never too old for the holidays. That’s why when we’re on holiday during Christmas, so I I am inviting a bunch of mischievous people to my childhood house ( Home Alone ) on 12th December to free my inner eight year olds”.

Bookings for one night stay at Home Alone’s house will start from 2 PM on December 7. No price has yet been set for the time being, and guests will be responsible for their own travel.

The winner of the bidding will get a chance to stay for one night in this house. Here he’ll find a unique home alone experience like Kevin’s, thrilling as the bed set comforter seen in the movie, a paint bucket hanging from the ceiling that Kevin used to take out the bandits, and a bronze statuette by “Little Nero” was killed. As well as pizza delivery cars.

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Home Alone is undoubtedly one of the most successful classic family comedy films of the 1990s. Chris Columbus directed the comedy feature. The comedy flick, made on a budget of $18 million, grossed around $477 million worldwide.

This comedy feature is still loved by viewers of all ages, or should I say that Christmas is incomplete without Home Alone.

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