‘Blizzard of Souls’ Review: A Epic Latvian World War 1 Comes With OSCAR Entry

Blizzard of Souls is a WWI epic drama , directed by Dzintars Dreibergs. The film will be Latvia’s officially included in Oscars. This movie will be released in the USA on January 8, with its virtual language.

The story of this film is set on the Latvia background of World War 1. Blizzard Of Souls is based on real story and Aleksandrs Grins’s novel with same name. This novel was published in 1934.

Blizzard Of Souls is already releases in Japan on November 8, 2020. This film has given a lot of buzz on in Many Countries. This movie has amazing Rotten Tomatoes score 83%.

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Blizzard Of Souls Plot

Release Date In USA: January 8

Director: Dzintars Dreibergs

Cast: Oto Brantevics, Jēkabs Reinis, Gatis Gāga, Raimonds Celms, Mārtiņš Vilsons

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This is the story of a boy who loses everything in his playing age. Even lost his home with family. This is the story of how circumstances make a child Man. Ballizzard of Souls follows the sixteen-year-old Arturs Vanags ( Oto Brantevics ). Whose mother is shot to death by German soldiers. Artrus joins the national Latvian Riflemen battalions of Russian army with his father Edgars Vanags ( Martins Vilsons ) to avenge his mother’s death. He fights with his father and brother ( Edgars Vanags ) in the First World War, where his brother and father are killed. Later he fought for his new-proclaimed country Latvia.

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Dzintars Dreibergs has directed this film very well. Oto Brantevics has played the character of the Arturs Vanags well. This movie will make you cry. You will feel emotionally attached to this film. You will feel bad for Arturs and will also proud on him.

Now, this movie will debut in USA on January 8 with entry in Oscar.

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