‘Paranormal Activity’ Film’s Reboot is Forward with ‘Underwater’ Director.

‘Paranormal Activity’ film’s Reboot is forwarding with Underwater (2020) director  William Eubank. It is well known that for recent times, horror films have made new records at the box office. Then, be it IT based on ‎Stephen King novel or Halloween, Happy Death Day, A Quiet Place. These films have set new dimensions at the box office. These films have earned that much money from a very small budget. That’s why Blumhouse Studio has announced a reboot of Paranormal Activity. So, the Studio hired the director of the Kristen Stewart starrer film Underwater to direct Paranormal Activity film’s reboot, which came out in 2020. Though, Underwater film was flop, but this film was well appreciate by audience.

Image Source- Blumhouse Productions

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Although the studio has not revealed anything about the film’s story yet. But this seventh upcoming film follows the old story “formula” that to continue the franchise’s model of using ‘found footage’. Paranormal Activity’s Reboot is said to be an unexpected retooling of the series that first became a blockbuster hit with Oren Peli that come out in 2007.

Christopher Landon has been called to write the story of the film. Christopher previously write the story of Happy Death Day 1 & 2.

Now it will be interesting to see how the film director use the found video footage in new upcoming Paranormal Activity film. We hope that the seventh part of this Paranormal Activity franchise will also be fantastic.

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Paranormal Activity’s Release Date

With the announcement of the reboot of Paranormal Activity, Blumhouse Studio has also confirmed the release date of this film. We will see the next part of this horror franchise almost a year from today. Paranormal Activity film Reboot is set to release on March 4, 2022.

Are You exited to see next part? Drop yours answers in comment box.

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