New Look of Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Out

Now Jack Snider’s Justice League has about 1 month left to release. Now, Zack Snyder has unveiled a new look of Batman from Justice League. In this image, Batman standing in a dark hallway, his back towards the camera. This image, which is uploaded by Zack Snyder to his Vero account. This image shows the Caped Crusader wearing the same gear he did in the Knightmare sequence from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now we do not know how Zack Snyder will fit this scene in the Justice League’s his new version. According to a report, Warner Bros. Studios had given 30 million to Zack Snyder to complete the Justice League. Zack Snyder shared the image of Batman and said that the image was taken from re-shoot.

Image Source- Vero/zacksnyder

In Batman v. Superman’s Knightmare scene revolved around Bruce Wayne’s dream. Where, in Bruce’s dream, he saw Darkseid and his Parademon army have laid waste to Earth. In Bruce’s dream, Lois Lane is seemingly dead and Superman is the leader of Darkseid’s amry and having been corruputed by the Anti-Life Equation.

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In this Knightmare, Flash is also telling Bruce that Lois is the only way to save this world.

Earlier this week, Zack Snyder shared another Justice League’s Image to tease Joker’s new look in his upcoming director cut’s Justice League.

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Snyder cut’s Justice League Release Date

Zack Snider’s Justice League is apparently set to release on HBO Max on March 18. Meanwhile, it is rumored that another trailer of Justice League will be released on February 14. The Snider Cut Justice League will have a run time of over 4 hours. Now there is less time left. That is why Snider does not want to leave any effort in promoting his upcoming film. Recently 3 posters of Justice League were also released.

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