‘The Little Things’ Movie Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

The Little Things is now released in theaters and on HBO MAX. Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and Rami Malek starrer, The Little Things is a crime-thriller movie.


The story of The Little Things movie is set in California, in 1990s. A serial killer in this city is very cleverly preying young women. There is an atmosphere of fear in the city. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Joe ‘Deke’ ( Denzel Washington ) arrives in the city from Bakersfield to pick up evidence at his old Los Angeles range. ‘Deke’ is welcomed by his former colleagues but does not receive a warm welcome from the Captain Ferris ( Terry Kinney ). Ferris wants Deke back on fields as soon as possible. Then Detective Jim Baxter (Rami Malek ), who is investigating the recent murder of women. He is interested in Deke’s work.

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Then another young woman is killed. Baxter, then invites Deke to solve the mystery of these murders. Baxter is also influenced by Captain Ferris, as he does not understand why Captain Ferris is so wary of Deke?

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Meanwhile, they find some evidence, a clue of which points to a strangely suspect Albert Sparma ( Jared Leto ). Deke’s obsession with the grisly murders also ensnares Baxter. Deke is haunted by his and a killer that must be stopped. Now the game of Mouse and Cat starts here.

The search for killer is just a piece of an extremely detailed plot. Here, Deke’s past, his true motivations, which are equally important to the movie’s progression.

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The Little Things slow down significantly when it should be pressing forward. Tense moments of The Little Things movie are too often deflated. The Little Things director John Lee Hancock has perfectly portrayed the movie’s characters. Denzel has commanded his lead in The Little Things. He looks awesome as always. Rami Malek also keeps you tied with him. Feeling scared at Jared Leto, while watching in him throughout the whole movie. John Lee Hancock has written the screenplay, directing The Little Things.

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Watch It Or Skip It

Definitely , Watch It. If you have a little patience, The Little Things movie will not disappoint you. You will see a trio of Oscar-winning artists in The Little Things. Don’t get this chance every day. Movie run-time is 127 minute.

Where To Watch

The Little Things is streaming now on HBO MAX and released in theaters too.

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The Little Things Release Date

This movie’s release date January 29, 2021. It released worldwide from today.

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