‘Spencer’ First Look: Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

The first look of Kristen Stewart’s upcoming film Spencer has been released. Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in this film. Last year, Kristen Stewart was cast to play Diana Princess in the June month of 2020. Spencer will be directed by  Pablo Larraín. Spencer’s shooting begins in Germany. Spencer will be a drama film. The story of this movie is set in the 1990s. This Spencer film will be based on the life of Princess Daina. The film will illuminate even those things when her marriage to Prince Charles was not working.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer ( Image Source-  NEON/Topic )

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When the film was announced, it received mixed reactions. Some were upset with Kristen Stewart being cast in Diana’s role. Apparently this story represents the British Royal Family, so they wanted a British actress to play Princess Diana.  Pablo Larraín defend his decision to cast Kristen Stewart as Diana in Spencer and said that ” Kristen Stewart is the best actress of today. There is no reason not to cast him in this film”

Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous in Spencer’s first look. Kristen Stewart looked incredible in the moody snap. In this first look, she gazed out a window and wore a replica of Diana’s red coat and veiled black hat.

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The story of the Spencer movie, according to the news, will not reflect the death of Diana Princes, but her relationship with her husband. This story will also show Diana Princess’s love for her sons.

 Pablo Larraín, the director of this Spencer movie, says that “this story is about finding plenty. This is what we want to show about understanding that perhaps the most important thing for him is to be well and with himself. Spencer Movie is a very inclusive story, in which you will get to know about the life of Diana Princess and Prince Charles.”

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