Marvel & Disney+ Series ‘Hawkeye’ First 2 Episode Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

Marvel and Disney’s TV series Hawkeye has premiered on Disney+ with its first 2 episodes, ‘Never Meet Your Heroes‘ and ‘Hide and Seek‘, today.

(L-R) Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Runner in Marvel’s TV Series, ‘Hawkeye’. Image Source- Marvel Studios

The first two episodes of the Jeremy Runner and Hailee Steinfeld starrer Disney+ TV series Hawkeye have been released.

There is no doubt that Marvel Cinematic Phase 4 started off with a bang with WandaVision. In this context, the success of Marvel’s previous releases ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ , ‘Loki’, What if….? , Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, ‘Eternals’ proves that this universe is going in the right direction. Let’s talk about the first two episodes of the recently released Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ TV series .

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The first episode of the series Never Meet Your Heroes begins with Eleanor Bishop of ‘Conjuring’ fame Vera Farmiga and Russell Bishop of Brian d’Arcy James arguing over some problems. Their daughter Kate Bishop is listening silently. It’s time for the 2012 Avengers Battle of New York, where Loki’s Chitauri Army attacked Manhattan. Here Kate sees Jeremy Runner fighting the Chitauri Army. This also proves how big the 2012 Avengers is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well the story goes, Kate loses her father in the Battle of New York. The story then moves to the present day, where Kate is 22 years old student who has become an accomplished archery, holding a black belt in martial arts. On the other hand Jeremy Runner’s Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is leading a common man’s life away from the world of superheroes. He has come to New York to celebrate Christmas with his children. In this context, he is watching a play, where a tribute is being given to the superhero. On the other hand, Kate’s mother Eleanor and Tony Dalton’s Jack are about to get engaged, but Kate is unaware of this.

When Kate learns about this from Armand, she is angry with her mother. Of course, Jack is not what he looks like. In this context Kate follows Armand, who has threatened her mother. He participates in an underground illegal auction, where Jack also reaches.

When it is time to auction Ronin’s suit, some Russians attack there. From there, Kate’s problems start increasing. Because Ronin has hundreds of enemies, Track Suits are one of them, Clint tells Kate, here’s a glimpse of the opening scene Hawkeye in Endgame. Where Clint killed Ronin in Tokyo, Japan. Will Kate and Clint Barton be able to get over this? What’s the secret of Jack? Will Kate be able to find out? All things will be covered in the coming episodes.

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The series starts off a bit slow, but when Kate and Clint meet each other, the series is sky high. We can say that Hawkeye will also continue the success story of the previous series released so far. This series has been successful in raising its name among the hype of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ currently. Where the second episode has ended, what will happen in the next episode? It makes me eager to know. The series seems to be eager to know more about Jack. This character is very interesting. In the Marvel Comics books, Jack is also known as Swordsman, who has also been Hawkeye’s mentor. We have seen this character’s love for the sword very clearly when he showed a lot of enthusiasm at the auction for Ronin’s sword.

In the Hawkeye series, that audience may be disappointed, who like to see superpower heroes. Seeing Hailee Steinfeld prove it, she’s made for this character. Who can say that this is his first Marvel project. Hailee’s recent release Netflix’s Arcane series has been performing so well which is beyond imagination. Hailee has voiced the character of Vi in the series. After seeing the success, Netflix has Renewed Season 2 For ‘Arcane’ Animated TV Series.

Stream It Or Skip It?

I would say definitely stream it. The power of superhero is not seen in the series, but it gives a lot of guarantee of entertainment. New episodes of the series will be released every Wednesday.

Where To Watch

Marvel’s TV series Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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